my commute

It is the city that never sleeps except on Tuesday morning at 7:34 AM in the F train heading towards Manhattan. Every Tuesday morning, when my train passes through the station, I think about jumping in front of it. I would inch as close as I can get within the yellow line, and I would […]

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paid to exist

I just sat in on a meeting for one hour recapping this past week’s sales. There is plenty of interesting information going around. I would sometimes scribble a note in if I hear something especially provocative. The notebook that I had received during my first day is filled with such scribbles. But, for the most […]

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therapy writing

My thesis adviser asked me, “What is the motivation for people to read?” I did not think very long. “Catharsis,” I replied. “People want to feel better. Or, I guess with happier books, some people want escape their current reality.” I spoke as if it were truth. I never quite understood why some writers would […]

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my patio

My patio. Oh, my patio. My beautiful, beautiful patio. It was the patio in which I wanted to drink wine and read Sylvia Plath. It was the patio in which I did not actually drink wine and read Sylvia Plath. Sylvia Plath, from what I realize within the first couple of poems that I have […]

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