metaphysical idealism, tiers of reality, and the captivation of social media

Every morning, on the way to one of my favorite coffee shop in London before classes, I come across a graffiti message scribbled on the wall of a bustling intersection between Euston and Hampstead, which reads: FRENCH RIOTS GET RESULTS! U LOT ARE INSTAGRAM ZZZOMBIES I vaguely have heard of the riots in France that started […]

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review: ‘loser’ by sasha sloan

I started listening to Sasha Sloan coming out of after listening to “Normal,” her lead single on her previous EP, on my Discover Weekly playlist. Immediately, the infectious electronic beats contrasted with the melancholic disposition of living through her twenties captivated me. Although I do not find her experiences relatable (since i’m not a 23-year-old pop star living in LA), I do appreciate […]

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