You might be wondering why this is called a sad blog. Well, I only write when I’m sad, so naturally all my writing turns out to be sad writing. I used to actually be sad, but now I’m mostly sad for the meme. Like a Chinese-knockoff Billie Eilish.

After ironically majoring in English in college, I moved to New York and realized that I actually don’t care much for English literature. So much for that. I spend most of my day drifting in and out of dissociative states, failing to finish In Search for Lost Time among other books, and absent-mindedly fiddling with binder clips. Occasionally, I dabble in something hedonistic, but that’s so 2016.

I’m currently working on a couple series of writing, trying to navigate life as a young professional in this reality I guess I was born into. Sometimes, I write poetry. You would have to pardon my angst. My friends call me a constipated Holden Caufield.

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