Cuddling with friends is a horrible decision. But I do it anyways.

It is always in the summer when I do so. There is something about the sweltering room that propels the need for intimacy. Through the night, I could feel the sweat slowly collect on my mattress. This variety of sweat, however, does not dribble down your skin like it does when play basketball or something. This variety of sweat is sticky. It sticks to your clothes, if you are wearing any clothes. It sticks to your bed. It sticks to your friend if your friend has the misfortune of sleeping next to you on your quarter-sized bed.

Sweat, although disgusting in some contexts, seems to carry a distinctly sexual connotation whenever applied to the summer.

I find alcohol to be an interesting mix with cuddling. Not because alcohol is a aphrodisiac or anything. It really isn’t. Sleep deprivation, however, is an aphrodisiac. Alcohol just makes it difficult to fall asleep.

It starts, I would say, with the feet. At first, there would be clear divisions in the area in which you occupy. You would take one half, and your friend would take the other half. But, then, as you jostle around in an attempt to find some patch of the bed that hasn’t been tainted by your sweat and heat, inevitably, your feet would touch first.

You would pull back, as you would, because it’s weird to touch and linger.

But, after you pull back, the feet are still somewhat near each other. They would slowly encroach on one another’s territory. At some point, there would be a subtle electric shock, when you know there was some degree of contact. It is a sensation quite unlike any other in the sense that it is also the moment where you aren’t sure whether or not your feet are touching at all. The tingling sensation could just be in your head, created from the numbness of sensation resulting from your heart palpitations. And, when you slowly in your feet closer, sometimes, you would be unsure if you are moving at all.

Once the feet intentionally touch each other, then the touch barrier is broken. It is still incredibly hot, so there would be a pool of sweat that is created from the point of contact. It is incredibly uncomfortable in a poorly ventilated room. But, it seems like a formality more than anything else. It invites other points of contact that no longer seem as weird as they were before. The movements would progress, and slowly, your bodies would drift near each other to the point where you could feel their breath against your neck. If you were to open your eyes, you could see their face resting inches from your head.

At this point, your hand might be on her wast. Then, when your hand reaches their stomach, there is a choice to be made. Should you go further, or should you just pull back?

EDIT: Cuddling with friends is a terrible idea. Don’t do it.