It’s 12:30 AM on a Saturday.

My neighbors have been blasting hip hop

for the past four hours.

I just called 311


filed a noise complaint.

I’m getting

so old.

Oh God,

They’re playing “m.A.A.d city”.

Oh God,

Man down.

Don’t say it.

Where you from —

Don’t say it.


they said it.

This is why humanities classes are important.

I am hearing “Fireflies” by Owl City. So loudly. It is 1 AM. The police have not arrived yet. God. People. Need. To. Turn. Their. Loud. Music. Off. I. Am. Trying. To. Sleep. God. Help. Me. I. Need. To. Sleep.

I hear. So. Much. Screaming. God. Help. Please. I. Need. To. Sleep.













Loud people. I hate loud people. I cannot express

how much I hate

loud people.

I am not about to call 911 because this is not an emergency.

But I am

so temped

to call 911.

A couple of people having fun.

An entire block that cannot sleep.

Where is

the empathy?

These people. These loud people laughing. These loud people blasting music at 1 AM in a suburban neighborhood. Why do they believe that they are entitled to create as much noise as they can at this hour in the night? Where is their consideration for others, the majority of individuals on the block who are trying to sleep? I have been trying to sleep for the past two hours. My landlord has been trying to sleep for the past two hours. To absolutely no avail. I want to sleep. Please let me sleep. I am. Desperate. Please let me sleep. Anything. Please. Just. Let. Me. Sleep. I. Ask. For. Your. Permission.

It got quiet for a bit. Please. Is this my salvation?


They were just switching songs.


I hear the chorus

of “Numb”

by Linkin Park.

So many people

collectively singing


I’ve become



Let me sleep. Let me sleep.

I am so helpless.

I just want to sleep.

When are the cops coming?

When is my salvation arriving?

Please let me


I beg of thee.

The next time I want to file a noise complaint,

I will not wait.

I will not wait until it is 12:30 AM before I file my noise complaint.

It is 1:30 AM, and the police still have not arrived.

Please, I want to sleep.


The next time,

I will file it

so much sooner.

I am vulnerable.

I am vulnerable.

Please don’t take advantage

of my vulnerability.

I want to sleep.

Please let me sleep.

Anything to let me



Oh my God. It is approaching 2 AM. It is still the same music, by the same people, with the same chatter. I want to sleep. I can’t be the only person that wants to sleep. The music is still just as loud as it was before. While the speaker can go on forever, I am slowly atrophying. I am reaching my limit, whatever that means. I have buried my head in my pillow. I have wrapped my towel around me head. Nothing works. I just want to sleep. Please just let me sleep. The police still have not arrived yet. Please just let me sleep. Please just turn off the music. For me. For the block. For some semblance that there is such thing as empathy in this world. Please.

They laugh

so loudly.

At this point, the writer of this piece died.