During my winter breaks, my parents give me the opportunity to travel the world — if, of course, traveling the world meant staying in a selected western European country for a couple weeks. As someone who relishes every opportunity to travel, I am forever grateful to have the chance to experience other countries with my parents. I seek to maximize my experiences abroad as much as possible through documenting my travels through writing and photography. But, as someone also with a basic understanding of political economy among developing countries, I cannot bring myself to appreciate the aesthetic beauties afforded by high-income countries without taking note of their colonial history.

tours in colonialism represents my attempt to bridge the void between the effect of the aesthetic beauty of western Europe and its cause through a history of exploitation of developing economies. I will now summarize some scholarly literature on the past of these countries because I want individuals to feel as I do — ambivalent between the act of appreciating and the act of despising. Because, no matter how well some countries hide their past through historical revisionism and cultural hegemony, as long as the effects of colonialism can still be seen today, I can never appreciate any aspect western European countries without a backdrop of disdain. Rotten fruit, despite smelling sweet, is still rotten fruit.

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